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Case Study: Premia Solutions

Premia Solutions offer a wide range of bespoke white label insurance products for a large number of car dealer groups throughout the UK and Ireland.Your Business Voice support Premia Solutions in treating customers fairly and providing the right customer experience with call handling solutions that go beyond just message taking.Premia Solutions’ ChallengeFounded in 2000, Premia Solutions were initially too small to invest in staffing, facilities, and infrastructure to support their phone lines 24/7.As call volumes started low, Premia Solutions required a solution that was flexible, cost effective and could support them both during the working day and after hours, but only as required.Your Business Voice were able to provide this solution with a call handling service t...

What is a telephone answering service and why should you use one?

What is a telephone answering service?At Your Business Voice one of the main things we do is provide telephone answering services.However, for people who aren’t using an answering service already, there can be some confusion about what that actually means.That’s why today we’re looking at telephone answering services and how they can help your business.Let’s get started. What is telephone answering? We’ll jump in with the easiest question of them all – what is a telephone answering service?Basically, a telephone answering service is a company that answers calls on behalf of other businesses.It’s a bit like having your own call centre, but instead of having to employ hundreds of staff, you just pay the answering service for the time they spend answeri...

What is Live Chat and why does it matter for business?

If there’s one thing that changes businesses more than any other it’s technology.One of the newest technologies that lots of businesses are implementing is Live Chat software.But what is Live Chat and why does it matter to you?Let’s find out. What is Live Chat? Live Chat is a piece of software that let’s someone on your website to talk directly to a member of your team by typing a message.It works like texting or using Facebook messenger, but it can only be used by people on your website.Different Live Chat providers offer different functions and features, but the main purpose is always the same, and that is to give visitors to your site and quick and easy way to talk to someone if they need more information. Why does it matter? Live Chat is in its early sta...

5 Yorkshire values that are good for business

When it comes to Yorkshire there are a lot things that make it a great place to live.There’s the scenery, the food, and of course – there’s the people.Yorkshire people are famed up and down the country for their unique characteristics – but did you know that a lot of these famous Yorkshire values will serve you well in business.Let’s find out why. 1. Straight Talking One of the first things people think when it comes to Yorkshire is straight talking. There’s no beating around the bush here – we say what we mean and we mean what we say.Adopting the same policy can serve you well in business.Today nearly every business is online, shouting the odds, throwing stats and pictures all over social media telling anyone who’ll listen how great they are and h...

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