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Law Firms are Increasingly Starting to Think and Act Like Businesses

Major law firms have now started focusing their efforts towards providing better customer service and are conducting effective marketing campaigns to boost their sales. Clients nowadays prefer companies that offer excellent customer support. Law firms are trying to establish better relationships with their clients and are starting to improve the entire customer experience. Here are some reasons why law firms have started thinking and acting like businesses:1. The Ever-changing Market Dynamics Everyone has easy access to information, thanks to the Internet and technology in general. Clients have several options to choose from and they do their research before making their final decision, on which law firm they would like to choose.This is exactly why law firms have shifted their ...

6 surprising ways you can use a call answering service

Today, most business owners have probably heard of a telephone answering service.However, there can still be misconceptions over what a telephone answering service actually does.Lots of people think an answering service simply takes a name, number and message so you can get back to the caller when you’re ready.While it is true that some call answering companies only offer this basic message taking service, there are lots of companies out there that offer so much more.That’s why today we’re looking at 6 surprising ways you can use a call answering service. 1. Order taking If you’re running a shop or an eCommerce business, it’s vital that you’re ready to sell to customers when the time is right for them.If they phone up ready to buy and you’re unavailable,...

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