5 ways Live Chat can boost your business

Live Chat is one of the most important up and coming technologies in when it comes to talking to customers.

Here are 5 ways Live Chat can boost your business.

1. Live Chat for customer service

One of the main focuses of any business should be providing great customer service.

Not only is it cheaper to keep an existing customer than to win a new one, but providing great customer service will help improve your brand’s reputation.

But how does Live Chat play into this?

If you didn’t know already, Live Chat is a great customer service tool.

While there are lots of different channels for customer service such as the phone, email, and even old fashion post, Live Chat has one benefit above them all – speed.

While you might not choose Live Chat when it comes to the big conversations like seeking legal advice or talking to your bank about a mortgage, Live Chat is great for those quick customer service questions.

Want to know if your new top is dry clean only? Start a Live Chat.

Can’t find the log-in button for a new piece of software? Start a Live Chat.

Questions like these might seem too small to make a phone call about, but they could still greatly hamper a customer’s experience using your product if they can never find the answer.

Live Chat helps customers get the information they need when they have a small, quick question and can greatly increase customer success in the long term.

2. Capture more leads with Chat

Where does your web traffic come from?

Do you get it organically through google? Perhaps you invest in PPC. Maybe your articles just go viral on social media.

Wherever your traffic is coming from though, you’re paying for it. Whether it’s the time you’ve invested in content, or just the cold hard cash you’re paying for clicks, in this day and age there’s no such thing as free web traffic.

Because of this, it’s really important you capture as much contact information as possible from your web visitors.

When you capture web visitor data you can market to them in the future and see a better return on investment from the cost of your web traffic.

But how does Live Chat do this?

It’s quite simple really – Live Chat starts a conversation with your web visitors and gives you an opportunity to ask for their email address.

You can either make it so people have to enter their email to start a live chat, or simply ask them for their email while you’re chatting to them.

Either way, with Live Chat you’ll be capturing more emails from more people that otherwise would have left your site without giving away any contact information.

This makes Live Chat a great tool when it comes to maximising the ROI of your web traffic.

3. Live Chat increases sales

We’ve already talked about capturing more leads from web traffic, and that’s step one of how Live Chat can increase sales – but how else can talking to your web visitors help you sell more?

Think of it this way – Live Chat is simply another channel for your sales people to get in touch with a potential customer.

For example, if someone is browsing around your site, you could set a trigger for a Live Chat window to open asking if they need any help.

Just like your sales people would do over the phone or in person, this gives them the opportunity to sell your products and guide the potential customer to the right solution for their needs.

Live Chat increases sales like any other communication channel would – if you give your customers the opportunity to tell you what they’re looking for, you can show them exactly where they’ll find it and help them make the right decision.

4. Chat to existing customers

We’ve already talked about how important existing customers are to business success – and with Live Chat it’s easier than ever to talk to them.

One of the best ways to do this is to integrate Live Chat into your existing customer portal.

If you’re an eCommerce site or if you sell a digital service you may already have a customer portal where customers can access their order history and their digital products and assets.

If you can build Live Chat into this portal and make sure it is manned by dedicated customer service agents, you provide your customers with a one stop shop to all their customer service needs.

With Live Chat in place you can easily chat with existing customers and talk them through any problems they may be having.

This will provide a great outcome for the customer and all round good customer service.

5. Signpost web visitors

There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a website and not being able to find your way to the page you need.

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re trying to buy something online and we can’t find the basket to check out, or we’ve clicked an advert only to be directed to a homepage that doesn’t talk about the specific product we’re interested in.

And, while you might think you have the best designed most user-friendly website going, there’s no doubt that at one time or another someone will get lost using your site.

When this happens, you risk losing that customer forever as frustration takes over.

With Live Chat however, you can prevent this from happening.

If you set your Live Chat to be triggered when someone has been stuck on one page for a set amount of time, it gives you the opportunity to ask them if they need any help, and signpost them to where they need to get to.

There’s no hard selling (or even soft selling) involved in this – it’s simply about helping web visitors get what they need out of your website.

We’ve already covered the cost of web visitors to your site, so using Live Chat to signpost lost visitors to the right place is a good step to take.

Find out more

If you think a Live Chat service is what you need to support your business we can help. We’ll manage your Live Chats 24/7 so there’s always someone there to talk to your customers.

Whether you’re looking to capture more leads or simply improve the customer journey on your site, we’re here to help.

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