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Established over 25 years ago, Canopies UK is a Lancashire based company who design, manufacture, and install outdoor canopy systems. With a nationwide customer base of both homeowners and businesses, they currently employ 60 members of staff and use various different mediums of advertising to generate enquiries including national newspapers and TV.

In 2013, Canopies UK launched a Christmas TV campaign and required a company to handle their calls for a three week period. As a high value product, it was crucial that every call was answered and every enquiry handled as if the customer was speaking to a Canopies UK employee. Your Business Voice were initially tasked with handling the incoming calls during this period, which proved to be a huge success and led to them subsequently being chosen to handle all overflow, evening and weekend calls on behalf of Canopies UK.


Why Your Business Voice?

“After meeting a few businesses we decided to go with Your Business Voice. They were a family run business (similar in ethos to our own), not too big and we felt that our business would be appreciated and looked after. They were more than helpful at every stage, especially when it came to scripts for their staff and understanding the pertinent information we required so we could best service the enquiries.

The initial campaign was for 3 weeks and then we would assess the results and the mechanisms we put in place to make sure the smooth running of the project. We required all enquiries to feel like they were speaking to Canopies UK direct.

It was easy to see that everything had been a success, just some minor tweaking required but ultimately we decided to carry on the service and have done so ever since. So what was initially a small timescale turned into a 365 days a year service which we are still happy with to this day.

The main benefit for us has been the speed and authority at which Your Business Voice answer the calls, being confident and knowledgeable so the customer ends the call thinking they were speaking to Canopies UK”.

Rob Cassidy, Marketing Manager, Canopies UK


Understanding the Business:

“With a focus on TVand National Newspaperadvertising, Canopies UK often receive out of hours calls from customers reading a Sunday newspaper for example, and with our Extended Hours’ Service, they have the comfort of knowing that any weekend or evening enquiries are handled correctly by Your Business Voice.”

“It is our ethos to understand our client and their customers so that we can handle the calls confidently and are fully equipped with knowledge of their product/service. As part of our work with Canopies UK, all of our staff have had training direct with the client so that all customers feel as though they are speaking directly with a Canopies UK employee.”

Robin Alderton, Director of Your Business Voice


As a business, Canopies UK no longer have to staff their phones over the weekend or on an evening after normal business hours, which has financial and operational advantages. They also have the comfort that their calls are being handled by professionals who are confident in describing the product and assisting customers in a manner that best represents Canopies UK.


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