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Case Study: Premia Solutions

Premia Solutions offer a wide range of bespoke white label insurance products for a large number of car dealer groups throughout the UK and Ireland.

Your Business Voice support Premia Solutions in treating customers fairly and providing the right customer experience with call handling solutions that go beyond just message taking.

Premia Solutions’ Challenge

Founded in 2000, Premia Solutions were initially too small to invest in staffing, facilities, and infrastructure to support their phone lines 24/7.

As call volumes started low, Premia Solutions required a solution that was flexible, cost effective and could support them both during the working day and after hours, but only as required.

Your Business Voice were able to provide this solution with a call handling service that would support them as needed during the working day, and provide complete cover once the office had closed.

Your Business Voice’s Solution

To provide the comprehensive but flexible cover that Premia Solutions required, Your Business Voice developed a bespoke call handling solution.

We worked in conjunction with Premia Solutions to create a custom script that ensures our operators have excellent product knowledge and provide quality of service that is consistent with Premia Solutions’ own advisors.

We also integrate with Premia’s CRM system to provide complete end to end call management.

During the working day, we handle Premia’s call overflow at times of high volume and cover staff absences, and out of hours we manage all of their calls to keep their phone lines open 24/7/365.

Premia Solutions have grown rapidly and Your Business Voice have supported this growth and helped them by providing a flexible workforce.

Your Business Voice are a true service partner, working together with Premia Solutions to analyse call volumes, peaks and provide additional support where required.

We also provide Premia Solutions with business continuity in the event of a system failure, and provide cover when Premia close the office early, for example on Christmas Eve.

Recently, Premia Solutions have developed a new call back tool which allows customers to arrange a call back from an experienced staff member. We have helped Premia deal with the additional enquiries the tool has created and ensured a consistently high level of service to help manage customer expectations.

The Outcome for Premia Solutions

Today, Your Business Voice handle over 2000 calls a month for Premia Solutions.

We have helped Premia Solutions to grow by providing them with their own customer support centre and allowing them to keep their phonelines open 24/7/365.

We have been integral in providing Premia Solutions with flexible support to meet spikes in call volume, and provide additional cover as required which has helped Premia Solutions to develop the excellent brand reputation they have today.

Looking forward, Premia Solutions anticipate growing their out of hours call volume, safe in the knowledge that Your Business Voice can provide the support they need during their rapid expansion.


Rachel Gentle
Customer Service Manager – Premia Solutions

“As a manager of a Customer Service Department which has grown rapidly, having such a flexible business partner is invaluable. They know our business as they have worked with us for so long, they understand the challenges we face with resourcing and forecasting, they help provide solutions and are essentially there for our customers when we can’t be.

Over the last couple of years, our business has grown significantly and when recruitment, facilities or other constraints have slowed down the customer support plans, they have been able to take additional volumes for us during our key business hours to enable us to focus on our other channels and lines and not have to worry about our high-volume line. They have also been able to recruit quickly on their side when we have had 2 staff in hospital simultaneously / long term absence, which can hit a small team hard. Their training and scripting procedures allow them to onboard quickly and we can therefore maintain consistent service levels for our clients.

Their flexibility and professional approach has enabled us to engage with YBV as a key part of our planning and forecasting process for the year ahead.

We’re delighted to be working with Lucy, Anthony and the team and hope this relationship continues for many more years to come.”

To find out how Your Business Voice can provide a similar service for your business, contact us today.

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