Booking Lines

Organising an event is a major undertaking for any business, and establishing a dedicated department to take event booking calls can be a significant expense that can impact on your bottom line, and divert valuable resource.

At Your Business Voice we provide a fully outsourced event booking service, with highly trained staff able to field enquiries and take bookings. And we have the capacity to efficiently deal with high volumes of calls, so whether it’s a major rock concert or a low-key industry showcase, our team will ensure that orders are taken, and tickets effectively sold.

Our team also offer a range of additional ‘added value’ services, developed bespoke to your needs, meaning you can maximise revenues from the events and ensure attendees receive the best possible service. We can even ‘up sell’ and ‘cross sell’ to help you maximise your profit margins. We like to think of ourselves as part of your team and not just a supplier.

Our services include:

  • Dedicated ticket lines
  • Order processing and distribution
  • Additional up-sell service including merchandise, accommodation and special offers
  • Ability to multiple, high volume, high traffic events

Product Recalls

At Your Business Voice, we understand the challenges facing businesses when the unexpected happens and there is a product recall. Inbound call volumes soar, with jammed phone lines, stretched departments and growing unease among customers and stakeholders, potentially resulting in a damaged brand.

Disaster Recovery

Have you ever considered how you would contact your management team in the event of heavy snow or flooding? What would you do if your customer service team couldn’t get into your business premises due to a raging fire? A disaster on this scale would significantly affect your company’s ability to operate and could even result in you losing business. Figures show that between 40% and 60% of companies affected by a major disaster either never recovers or operates in a severely reduced capacity.

The simplest way to get peace of mind and be prepared against any major event is to set up our disaster recovery service. With this service in place, all of your calls will be safely diverted directly to us and your telephone lines will remain open with your customers receiving the same high level of service they always receive.

Our team of qualified call handlers will take detailed messages, put enquiries directly through to your team’s mobile phones, home numbers or even send you text messages or emails. We will happily handle any customer enquiries you want until you and your business is fully comfortable and ready to start taking inbound calls again. Your customers won’t notice any difference and your business will be able to continue to operate normally.

We can also provide dedicated emergency call handling and off-site switchboard facilities and our call handlers can make outbound calls to your clients and business partners to advise them of any temporary arrangements, if this is also required.

Our disaster recovery service is an effective and professional tool to reassure your customers and should give you peace of mind that your lines are always open. If you want to be sure that your customers will be looked after no matter what the weather or situation then you should seriously consider this service.


For many companies, providing end-user Helpdesk support can be a challenge. Establishing a round-the-clock dedicated customer contact centre can be a major expense that’s difficult to justify, while making do with anything less can compromise your service levels, and let your customers down when they most need you.

At Your Business Voice, we offer a sophisticated Helpdesk service, allowing businesses to outsource part, or all, of their helpdesk requirements. Whether it’s product support for an FMCG brand, complex IT or software technical support or simply providing information around an event or conference, you can be assured our staff will represent your brand in the best possible light.

Flexible and scalable, our Helpdesk and Facilities Management services can give your business a valuable competitive edge, whether it’s working alongside your existing departments during peak trading periods, or simply outsource the requirement completely, allowing your staff to focus on core business functions. We also offer a range of sophisticated call logging services, to give you valuable customer insight and data.

The benefits of outsourcing your customer services to Your Business Voice include:

  • First Line support
  • Fully or part outsourced help desk service
  • Full briefed operatives with deep technical and product-specific knowledge
  • E-mailing of User Guides and Manuals etc.
  • Call logging, reporting and data capture
  • Seamless integration of IT infrastructure and systems, reducing data duplication
  • Entirely bespoke solutions for extremely complex enquiries

With competent, highly trained staff who can handle the most complex of issues, Your Business Voice can provide support when resources are limited and as budgets come under ever tighter scrutiny.

Lone Worker

Employees working out in the field such as security guards, estate agents and maintenance engineers can find themselves in unfamiliar and isolated situations. At Your Business Voice we understand the importance of protecting and monitoring your staff when they are working alone.

Our highly trained, professional call handlers will provide your business with a reliable and reassuring service to support employees through the day and night, eliminating the need for additional on-call staff. Using state of the art computer systems, we can pro-actively monitor your staff’s whereabouts or alternately, set up a reactive system allowing staff to contact us at any time to report their location and status.

Live Chat

A live chat on your website can increase your sales by decreasing the chance of customers abandoning their shopping baskets. Through offering a convenient service that provides customers with instant assistance, any concerns with the purchase can be addressed instantly. This removes obstacles as questions are answered, problems solved and in turn, sales increased.

The live chat agent can help develop a stronger customer relationships and distinguish your business from your competitors. Alongside addressing concerns, this cost efficient service also involves advising customers and highlighting products that they may be interested in based on their personal style.

Our outsourced live chat management support targets the needs of your customers and delivers a personalised and friendly service that will go the extra mile for your business.

Phone Surveys

Telephone surveys can be a powerful tool for collecting information on customer satisfaction levels. They offer a valuable insight into the mind of the customer – providing information on their satisfaction, brand loyalty and even wider market trends. A cleverly designed survey can be used to secure vital information on customers, target markets, and even competitors, enabling the business to make well informed marketing decisions.

At Your Business Voice we can create customised telephone surveys centred on your specific objectives, to make sure that the campaign produces useful information and actionable conclusions. Our dedicated survey team will conduct professional, high quality telephone surveys, which are designed to maximise response rates, whilst maintaining control over the quality of the data collected.

Our telephone survey service includes:

  • Structured approach to gather the information you need
  • ‘Time of day’ and ‘day of week’ options for call-backs
  • A wide range of database questions and response mechanisms
  • Choice of outcomes and follow-on actions
  • Personalised yet professional approach

We also offer all of our clients a full reporting and analysis service which enables them to have a detailed and structured view of their survey results.

Email Response

At Your Business Voice we completely understand that when a customer emails your business with a sales or service query, in many cases they require a speedy, knowledgeable and efficient response.

Responding to sales enquiries, new business opportunities, job applications and requests for information can all take up valuable time and effort so why not let our email response and management service take those time consuming emails off your hands?

Our highly trained team will work closely with you to create a solution that will handle your inbound emails, answer requests, re-route queries to relevant departments and respond to your customers in a professional and timely manner.

Our dedicated team of specialists can capture, document, respond and re-route email enquiries so they are dealt with immediately. At Your Business Voice we also have the latest IT systems which enable us to manage different levels of volume and complexity at any point in time.




Understanding your business is what we do at Your Business Voice and we do this by getting under the skin of your organisation so that we can represent you in the most professional manner.

We understand that not everybody’s needs for their organisation are not the same and this is why we like to get to know you better to understand what it is that you want to achieve and how we can get their together.

Working collaboratively is one of our specialities, we’re business experts as well as friendly, personable types and we believe that these qualities help Your Business Voice deliver an unparalleled level of service with the focus on delivering results for your business.

So if you are are interested in talking through your requirements further with us, it’s really simple, just get in touch and and we can can help work together to find Your Business Voice. We look forward to hearing from you.

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