5 Yorkshire values that are good for business

When it comes to Yorkshire there are a lot things that make it a great place to live.

There’s the scenery, the food, and of course – there’s the people.

Yorkshire people are famed up and down the country for their unique characteristics – but did you know that a lot of these famous Yorkshire values will serve you well in business.

Let’s find out why.

1. Straight Talking

One of the first things people think when it comes to Yorkshire is straight talking. There’s no beating around the bush here – we say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Adopting the same policy can serve you well in business.

Today nearly every business is online, shouting the odds, throwing stats and pictures all over social media telling anyone who’ll listen how great they are and how clever their newest thing is.

Well that’s great for them.

Who it’s not great for though is the customer.

These days trying to do a bit of research before you buy something feels like going on University Challenge – people throwing information at you left, right and centre, trying to bamboozle you into thinking they’re the best.

It’s a pain.

Instead of getting involved in all that nonsense, try a bit of straight talking.

Make it clear what you do, how much it costs, and why it works.

Potential customers will be glad of a bit of common sense and language they can understand, and they’ll find you more trustworthy and approachable.

While you might be able to trick a few people into choosing you with a load of fancy language, you’ll get much further giving people the facts they need and having an honest conversation with them.

2. Down to Earth

We’ve all been to those restaurants and posh shops where the staff think that they’re something special just because it costs an arm and a leg.

They’re snooty, unhelpful, and treat you like you don’t belong unless you’re David Beckham.

They might think they’re protecting their brand, but really they’re just annoying normal people and alienating potential customers.

Whatever you do – don’t be one of those businesses.

It doesn’t matter how top of the range your stuff is, or how clever your sales people think they are, you can never judge a customer on one conversation.

That guy in some scruffy jeans might be a secret millionaire and your potential biggest customer.

The guy in the Armani suit with the fast car could be massively in debt and just a big show off.

So what should you do?

Just be down to earth. Treat everyone nicely and with respect, and remember there are no stupid questions.

If your products are really expensive or high tech, only a certain type of person will want to buy them anyway – there’s no need to reinforce that with technical jargon and a snooty attitude.

Stay down to earth!

3. Proud

If there’s one thing we are in Yorkshire it’s proud. Proud of our county, of our people, and proud of basically anything someone might challenge us on.

And you know what – you should be proud of your business too.

It’s hard work running a business, that’s why so many fail in their first year. If you’re running a successful business however big or small you’re doing a great job.

If you’re proud of your business it shows to the customers. Act like you know you’re the best and they’ll believe you ARE the best.

No amount of clever trickery will make people believe in your business if you don’t believe in it yourself.

Be your number one biggest fan and other people will soon follow.

4. Friendly

If you’ve ever been to London you know what they’re like down there.

It’s like a permanent episode of Eastenders… at Christmas… And Den’s just shown up with the divorce papers.

Basically everyone’s in a bad mood all the time.

Well that’s not what we’re like here, and it’s definitely not how you should be in business.

When it comes to running a business the more friends you have the better.

If you’re friends with your customers they’re more likely to stay with you, if you’re friends with local businesses you can all look out for each other, if you’re friends with your competitors you can share insights and work together to boost your industry as a whole.

But how do you be friendly with all these different people? You do it by having real conversations with them, and today with social media that’s easier than ever.

Like your customer’s tweets, promote the local market, share your competitor’s research pieces. It’s all good promotion for your business, and it all helps to build the relationships that will get your far.

5. Sensible with money

Tight… Stingy… Frugal…

No actually – we’re just sensible!

When it comes to business you’ve got to turn a profit.

One way of doing this is to make more money. Another and often overlooked way of doing this is to spend less money.

Whatever you’re spending in business it was important to make sure you’re seeing a return on investment (ROI).

It used to be the case that it was often difficult to prove ROI – people would just walk into your shop and you’d have no idea who they were, where they came from, or why they were there.

Other than the cost to you of the product and your overheads it’s impossible to know how much you spent to get that customer there. Did they see your billboard? Who knows. Did you meet them weeks back at an event? Who can say.

Fortunately, today it’s much easier to keep track of what your spending and your return on investment.

If you’re tracking things properly and you can see something isn’t providing good ROI then you need to seriously consider if it’s worth the spend.

It’s just sensible.

Yorkshire values are good for business

With all these great Yorkshire values it’s no surprise there are so many great Yorkshire businesses. Keep track of them all with our new series of Yorkshire Business Profiles – you can read the first one here – it’s all about that old high street favourite Marks and Spencers.

What do you think are the best Yorkshire values for business? Let us know on social media!

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