Why Your Business Needs A Telephone Answering Service

Research from BT suggests that the UK’s small businesses collectively lose around £90m not being contactable by potential customers. A telephone answering service is there for when you simply can’t be, it’s an affordable and reliable way to ensure you don’t miss out on those important business opportunities. 

How many calls does your business miss each working day? Now, how many calls do you miss when you’re closed?

Can you keep up with the phone ringing off the hook constantly whilst you’ve got your hands full with customers?

In this article, we discuss exactly why your business needs a telephone answering service.


The main advantage of a telephone answering service is reliability. It can enable your business to offer a seamless 24/7 service and to appear open to your customers, even when you aren’t. It also allows you to create time for the things that matter and take a break, that time can be spent with family, friends, or even doing things for yourself for a change. It also allows you to be covered for unavoidable events such as sickness, maternity leave, holidays etc.

Some telephone answering services offer disaster recovery or crisis management lines should your phone lines completely fail, this way you can stay up and running and your customers won’t notice a difference. Can you afford not to be covered?

Save money

Hiring an in-house team is expensive however outsourcing your phone lines will save you money, think no salaries to pay, not to mention all the added extras like holiday pay, sick pay and other employee benefits. A telephone answering service spares you the worry of these employee benefits, they also save time and money associated with training staff up to the quality you need as this is all done by the answering service themselves.

There’s more to a telephone answering service than simply just answering your calls, you get more for your money than simply hiring a receptionist. Here at Your Business Voice we also can manage your diary, arrange meetings and take payments along with so much more. 

Boost your productivity

It’s almost impossible to stay productive when you’re stuck answering an influx of phone calls all day, you and your team have much more important things to do. If you outsource to a telephone answering service, you’ll free up a lot of time to be more productive with the tasks that matter most and get the most out of every hour.

High-quality customer service

Consistency is key in customer service, your customers expect the same level of service when you’re rushed off your feet as when you’re quiet. Customers nowadays are appreciating the personal touch, that means no voicemail, no robots, just a friendly human voice. Customers don’t like to be kept waiting and the phone seems to always ring off the hook at times when you’re at your busiest. Outsourcing to a telephone answering service is a great way to provide excellent customer service which is consistently high quality.

The service is fully customisable to your business needs. You control how your business is represented over the phone right down to the tone of voice in the way the phone is answered. The aim is that your customers won’t be able to tell that the calls are being outsourced. This way you ensure that the core values of your business are portrayed to the customer every time they call you, whatever time they call.

Creates the illusion of size

Even the smallest business can appear large with a telephone answering service. Clients nowadays are only interested in doing business with companies who appear established and knowledgeable. A telephone answering service assists with gaining and maintaining your customers’ trust and in turn giving your business some legitimacy. Being contactable by your customers 24/7 every single day of the year is another way to create the illusion of a large company, this is where a telephone answering service becomes invaluable.

Telephone answering services can become intertwined with your business to create a partnership that works in harmony. To see more on how Your Business Voice can help your business cut costs and boost customer service quality, contact us today.

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